WATERMARK 12 top-class softening system

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WATERMARK 12 softening system The compact WATERMARK 30 descaling system is an innovative high-end device. The water softener has a color display with an intuitive, German-language menu. Unknown-1   The controller with the display can be easily removed from the housing, which enables free, easy configuration and programming of the control valve even in very narrow rooms with limited space.Unknown-12   WATERMARK 12 was developed to regulate the calcium and magnesium content of the water or reduce it to the desired amount. The minerals are hardness builders that cause the formation of limescale deposits. The central softening system completely eliminates the problem of annoying limescale stains in kettles, coffee machines, bathroom and kitchen fittings and other household appliances.Unknown-11   Our high-quality descaling system offers the highest quality and maximum safety for the number 1 foodstuff and gently delivers soft water to every tap in an apartment, house or company.Watermark 006 What are the advantages of a central softening system INSTASOFT PREMIUM?
  • Health - soft water helps your skin appear healthy, smooth and soft
  • Cleanliness - soft water is free of the hardness agents that threaten your heating and household appliances
  • Beauty - soft water significantly improves the condition of your hair, gives them a natural shine and suppleness
  • Save - When washing in soft water, you only need about 50% detergent, as soft water deals with dirt and stubborn stains much better
  • Energy - Efficiency of water heating systems is drastically increased
  • Protection - lime-free water protects the colors of your clothing every time you wash itWatermark-Montage-JPG 001
The by-pass valve included in the delivery makes installing the system child's play and thus reduces installation costs. The by-pass valve also ensures an uninterrupted supply of drinking water to the property, even during maintenance work, for example. The desired residual hardness can be precisely adjusted using the integrated blending valve.   Water and salt saving systems:
  • Regeneration with upflow (countercurrent) - saline (water with dissolved salt tablets) first through the lower layer less worn out of the bed and only then through the upper layer which was used to a lesser extent.
  • Regeneration proportional - with the smaller water intake at 21 days have passed since the last regeneration device regenerate only the part of the bed that was in operation.
  • Vacation mode - handy during absences (e.g. a business trip or vacation.) - The system periodically flushes the bed with a small amount of salt.
Scope of delivery: 
  • WATERMARK 12 softening system
  • Montageblock 1″
  • 2 x Panzerschlauch 1″ x 1″
Those particularly at risk are:
» Boilers and hot water heaters,
» Washing machines and dishwashers, coffee machines, shower heads, valves,
» all hot water pipes,
» all pipe bends and constrictions.
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