Water Michel Tornado - water swirler & gemstone energization

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Water Michel Tornado Water Swirl & Gemstone Energization


The Michel Tornado water swirler is installed in the water pipe after the under-sink filter. The best place is right at the entrance to the filter tap. Installation is also possible directly on the corner valve under the sink. At the entrance to the water whirlpool Michel Tornado there is a 3/8" external thread suitable for standard armored hoses. There is a 3/8" internal thread at the output. A suitable adapter for connecting to filter taps is included (AD-67 adapter M/chrome-plated UNS 7/16-24). Water flow possible in both directions with good turbulence.
Technical specifications:
  • Material: brass/chrome plated
  • Weight: approx. 115g
  • Height including adapter: approx. 58 mm
  • Diameter: approx. 26mm
  • Optimal energization E1 gemstone mixture (amethyst, rose quartz, rock crystal)
  • Turbulence from approx. 0.7 l/min

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