Water Michel RO 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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Water Michel RO – the water filter with 4-stage reverse osmosis system The Michel RO water filter easily brings the purity of natural water into your own home. The compact reverse osmosis system stands for excellent premium quality and impresses with its multi-stage cleaning system. Make the Michel RO water filter system your personal source of well-being and vitality. Water Michel RO is a four-stage reverse osmosis filter that reliably purifies your drinking water. The good feeling of drinking clean water Water Michel RO removes up to 99 percent of the pollutants that have accumulated in our tap water. This system also tackles the ugly, difficult-to-remove limescale. The reverse osmosis filter significantly improves the quality of the water. This result not only has a positive effect on your health - the water also tastes much better. Try coffee made with filtered water and be surprised by a real taste experience. It just feels good to drink clean, pure water. This applies not only to our own favorite drinks, but also to the preparation of baby food and even the water for our four-legged friends. The good feeling of consuming pure, clear water, free of pollutants, is a piece of quality of life that you can easily bring home with the water Michel RO filter.    Save money and time with water Michel RO The WasserMichel RO reverse osmosis system is not only good for your health, but also for your wallet, because you will never have to buy water bottles again. By the way, the environment will also thank you for this, because you no longer need plastic or glass bottles, save transport routes and use less time and energy. Safely filtered and more taste: The multi-stage filter system refines the water and gives it an exceptionally good taste, coffee, tea and sweet drinks taste more intense and develop a pleasantly full aroma. You will notice a difference even in the foods cooked in water. Of course, the water filtered with WasserMichel RO can also be used safely to prepare baby food. The premium activated carbon filters that WasserMichel RO works with trap pollutants and eliminate up to 99 percent of bacteria. Reverse osmosis is a physical process that uses pressure to concentrate substances dissolved in liquids and filter out the smallest molecules. Did you know that renowned cruise ships also use the reverse osmosis process to offer their guests pure, clean water? A large part of the fresh water on the AIDA ships is obtained from seawater using the latest osmosis technology. Water Michel RO – highest quality and Simplicity in handling  The WasserMichel RO water filter systems are manufactured under strict quality controls. The water-conducting components are food-safe and BPA-free. BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical that can have negative effects on the hormonal balance of humans and other living beings. The materials of this osmosis system do not contain any recycled materials from used plastic bottles. Filtered water is pure health Drinking water is our most basic vital substance; it is irreplaceable for maintaining body functions. Although tap water is strictly controlled in Germany, it often happens that it accumulates pollutants and impurities on its long journey through the pipes. It is therefore extremely important that we use pure, uncontaminated water for our drinking and cooking water supply. The high-quality reverse osmosis system WasserMichel RO filters up to 99 percent of dissolved substances such as impurities and chemicals from the water. With the reverse osmosis system, lime, chlorine, sand, pesticides, bacteria and medication residues have no chance of getting into your tap water. Water Michel RO – your personal hydroelectric power station Ideal for combination with the water Michel  Table washers The powerful water Michel RO 8 liter tank ensures continuous pressure for the reverse osmosis system and offers you the following advantages: • a high-performance pump for optimal osmosis / wastewater ratio • a large capacity • guaranteed food-safe • Filmtec membrane • automatic switch-off for an always full tank • quick-change filter All components are manufactured to high quality according to European standards. For those who place the highest demands on drinking water quality, WasserMichel RO is just good enough. You will receive your personal reverse osmosis system with a manual for easy installation. Neue Wasser Shop gives you a 2-year guarantee on your water Michel RO filter. The filter system is delivered including connection hoses, sealing set, filter inserts and reverse osmosis membrane. Technical details Dimensions​​​​​​: 23 x 40 x 40cm Connection​​​​​: 3/8″ Working temperature in degrees Celsius: 2 – 45 Working pressure​​​​​: 3-6 bar Housing material: ​​​​PP hose material: ​​​​PE Connections:​​​​​ Quick Connector 1/4″ Tank capacity​​​​​: 8L PH value:​​​​ ​min 2pH – max 11pH water hardness​​​​​ (TDS): max. 400ppm The system requires a water pressure of 3 to 6 bar and can generate up to 270 liters per day. Healthy, sensible, cost-effective – WasserMichel RO is a robust and low-maintenance filter system that significantly improves your water quality. Nutrition experts recommend drinking around 1.5 liters of water every day. Clean drinking water has a significant impact on our well-being. With a WasserMichel RO filter system, you are choosing a more conscious lifestyle. Scope of delivery:
  • 4 stage reverse osmosis water filter system WasserMichel RO
  • power cord
  • assembly Instructions
  • Optional

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