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The smart way to drink pure water

Molecular generation with hydrogen for the purest drinking water enjoyment

1. Comfort

2. Economic efficiency

3. Health for people and animals

4. For the sake of the environment

Do you also value a healthy lifestyle and vital nutrition? Then the issue of pure, pollutant-free drinking water plays a particularly important role. All other filter methods only partially filter certain compounds and substances or reduce their content in drinking water. Since there is no water filter that leaves all the “good” stuff in and filters out all the “bad,” most will sooner or later come into contact with molecular filtration. Along with steam distillation, molecular filtration is the only method to reliably remove pollutants and toxins from tap water.

The result: pure, healthy and tasty drinking water straight from your kitchen tap.

Treat your family and pets to the best pure drinking water.

Scope of delivery: BRONZE

  • Molecular filtration system water Michel
  • NEW water distribution Molecularly filtered pure drinking water as well as filtered table water (cooking)
  • NEW hydrogen pH filter for alkaline drinking water enjoyment
  • NEW Aquastop main line
  • NEW leakage sensor for maximum safety
  • Connection set including angle valve adapter and lines
  • Original pre-filter set
  • NEW 10-year guarantee on the water Michel (with regular filter replacement)
  • Assembly / operating instructions
  • Friendly advice & service

Version:Under table

Filtration method: molecular filtration

Output water types: Molecularly filtered pure drinking water/filtered still, room temperature

approx. 1.3 - 1.8 liters of min. pure drinking water

approx. 2.5 - 3 liters min. table water (cooking water)

Ratio: 1 liter of pure drinking water / only approx. 0.5 liters of wastewater

Water pressure (house water connection): 1 bar / max. 4 bar - recommended 2 bar

ECO high performance pump 2 bar

Rated voltage: 100V - 240V - -50/60Hz

Rated power: 60 watts

Dimensions W x H x D: 142 x 435 x 348 mm

*Guarantee 10 years

Contents :

Molecular filtration / table water system Water Michel

operation manual

Angle valve adapter

PTFE tape

Quick connector tool

1/4" quick connection

1/4" O-ring seal

3/8" O-ring seal

1/4" plastic fitting

3/8" plastic fitting

1x leak test: leakage sensor

1x 1/4“ PE hose

1x 3/8“ PE hose

1x two-way faucet

1x angle valve adapter

2x 1/4" safety clip

3x 3/8" safety clip

1x sediment + carbon block filter

1x molecular filtration membrane GPD 500

1x carbon block filter coconut shell extract

1st stage – PPC sediment + carbon block filter approx. 6-12 months or according to the electronic device display 2nd stage – molecular filtration membrane GPD 500 approx. 18-36 months or according to the electronic device display 3rd stage carbon block filter coconut shell extract approx. 12 months or according to the electronic device display 4. Hydrogen pH filter approx. 12 months

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