Aluminum extension tube

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The aluminum extension tube for HITACHI vacuum cleaners consists of 2 equal parts and serves as a connecting piece between the hose and the floor nozzle. This tube is extra light. When ordering, please order this item twice for the complete suction pipe. Aluminum extension tube suitable for the HITACHI vacuum cleaner models CV-80, CV-140, CV-145, CV-160, CV-180 / 185 (C, CA, M etc.), CV-T190, CV-94, CV-96, CV-99, CV-100, CV-200 / CV-200P, CV-300, CV-300P, CV-400 eco / CV-400P eco, CV-950, CV-S950, CV-950BJ, CV-950BK, CV-950Y, CV-940Y, CV-2000, CV-2500, CV-2600, CV-2800, CV-3200/3300, CV-5100, CV-5300, CV-5500, CV-4700, CV-T885

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