SODALINO under-sink water soda maker + Michel designer three-way tap

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  • Unique 3-in-1 faucet: Filtered and unfiltered water from a pull-out spout (with or without shower depending on your selection)
  • Separate control levers: cold/hot water on the right, filtered water on the left
  • Hygienic: separate water supply and separate outlet for filtered water and mixed water (cold/warm)
  • Tap hole with Ø 35 mm required
  • Cartridge and valve with ceramic seals
  • Flexible connection hoses with a length of 450 mm and 3/8" union nut for particularly easy and safe installation
  • Patented jet regulator for significantly reduced calcification
  • Stabilizing plate to increase the stability of the kitchen faucet when installed in stainless steel sinks
  • Stainless steel look UltraResist
  • LGA certified
  • Made in Germany
  • Spout: 360° swivel
SODALINO under-sink soda maker:
  • The SODALINO SLIM under-table table water system impresses with its elegant, slim design with a robust powder-coated steel housing.
  • Thanks to its dimensions of 430 x 105 x 280 mm, it can fit even in the smallest kitchen.
  • The industrial pump used is powered by an air-cooled electric motor to avoid dangerous overheating.
  • The built-in carbonator made of high-quality stainless steel is able to produce up to approx. 120 liters of sparkling water.
  • Of course, for your safety, an Aquastop is also integrated, which stops the water supply to the system in the event of a water leak. Sodalino-Position-Installation-002


The SENNA GAS RO reverse osmosis drinking water system leaves nothing to be desired. 
The SENNA GAS RO is a top-class direct flow reverse osmosis system. Despite its very compact housing, the under-sink drinking water filter is extremely powerful and can deliver up to 90 liters per hour upon request. clear and delicious food No. 1. Whether for cooking, preparing tea and coffee or rinsing food - in the future you can simply use the still, health-safe osmosis water from a 4-way tap. 4-way cock, what is that? – you might be asking yourself. The answer is simple, with a 4-way tap and modern luxury drinking water source SENNA GAS RO you can tap 4 different types of water:  
  • 1. Warm tap water (untreated)
  • 2. Cold tap water (untreated)
  • 3. Osmosis water still, room temperature
  • 4. Osmosis water still, room temperature with carbon dioxide
    Product Name
    New Water Group
    Without filter unit
    Under-table device without cooling
    3 L / min. (at 15°C and 4 bar)
    220-240 /50Hz
    Volume operation / standby
    Filter capacity (optional)
    – // –
    Working pressure
    CO2 pressure
    max. 6 bar
    Power consumption
    in operating mode 140W
    im Stand-By Modus 0W
    Edelstahl 2,5L
    Operating position
    Vertically or horizontally, e.g. behind the skirting board
    Dimensions W x H x D
    105 x 430 x 280 mm
    here. 6 kg
    • High CO2 content in the water
    • extremely small space requirement
    • Always enough sparkling water, regardless of whether it is a one-person household or a large family
    • no more lugging around boxes
    • Industrial components from the catering industry
    • no wasted space for beverage crates
    • easy and quick filter change (optional)
    • Made in Italy Drei-Wege-Wasserhahn Michel ChromDrei-Wege-Wasserhahn Michel GoldDrei-Wege-Wasserhahn Michel schwarzDrei-Wege-Wasserhahn Michel weissScope of delivery:
      • SODALINO Slim under-counter bubble system without cooling
      • 3-way faucet
      • Connection set
      • Final hoses
      • Assembly / operating instructions
      Important NOTE With the Sodalino sparkling water maker you can achieve a maximum of “medium” sparkling water if the following requirements are met: Water temperature max. 15°C Water pressure min. 3 bar Water hardness min. 10 °dH Before purchasing, please check whether your tap water meets the requirements. If you like sparkling water anyway, then this device is not suitable for you. A return is not possible if the bubbler has been unpacked and connected to the water network.

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