SPRUDELUX® POWER SODA under-sink table water system incl. 5-way tap CUCINA IDEALE

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SPRUDELUX® POWER SODA under-sink table water system – pure refreshment! Drink your water preferably still, chilled or sparkling? – With Sprudelux® POWER SODA you always have the choice. Simply select the type of water you want at the tap and enjoy water that is perfectly tailored to your taste. And all this straight from your kitchen faucet! With a 5-way faucet, in addition to the standard choice between cold and hot water (tap water), you also have the additional option of three types of drinking water: still, room temperature/still, chilled/chilled, carbonated. With SPRUDELUX POWER SODA you have a powerful and reliable drinking water system that is unparalleled on the market! A revolutionary carbonization process was used here. Unlike most sparkling systems, so-called continuous water sparkling machines, in the SPRUDELUX the water is mixed with the carbon dioxide under high pressure in an integrated stainless steel tank. The cooling and high pressure in a closed container are ideal for combining the water with carbon dioxide. The system also creates a very high flow rate of sparkling water from the tap. You get up to 2-3 liters of sparkling water per minute: chilled and sparkling. Of course, you can adjust the carbon dioxide content on the CO2 pressure reducer to suit your taste. Does the water need to be filtered? Everyone has to answer this question for themselves. Although the sewage treatment plants and waterworks do their best, our drinking water can contain pollutants such as drug residues, heavy metals, birth control pills, pesticides, nitrates, etc. No tap water filtration is an ideal solution for those who:
  • are convinced of the quality of the tap water
  • do not want to change the composition of the tap water
  • You already have a water filter and would like to connect POWER SODA to your existing water filter
POWER SODA does not have a filter unit installed at the factory and theoretically does not need one. Nevertheless, a pre-filter can offer many advantages:
  • Protection of the drinking water system from deposits
  • always consistently high quality of drinking water
  • can improve the taste
  • If you decide on a pre-filter, we recommend installing our FT-Line filter system in front of the POWER SODA.
  • Chilled sparkling water straight from the kitchen faucet.
  • Very strong fizzing result possible.
  • No more lugging around boxes.
  • No more collecting deposit bottles.
  • Environmental protection through CO2 savings.
  • Inexhaustible supply of drinking water as the system is connected directly to the tap water.
  • Optimally cooled (4°C, 6°C or 8°C adjustable)
  • Design 5-way fitting
  • Compact design – fits in most base cabinets next to the waste separation system.
  • No loss of space on the worktop.
  • Design and manufacturing MADE IN ITALY
  • 24 months guarantee

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