Universal cleaner concentrate aloe vera mint 10l odor remover

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The universal cleaner, odor killer, odor remover, cleaner and stain remover - with microorganisms against almost all bad smells and dirt.

Universal cleaner concentrate sandalwood odor remover

  • The cleaner, odor and stain remover
  • eliminated
  • effective
  • bad smells
  • decomposes the odor source with effective microorganisms
  • is a non-pathogenic formulation
  • is harmless to humans and animals when used properly
  • replaces harsh and chemical cleaners
  • is quick and effective in the long term
  • is free of hazardous substance symbols

Which areas can we use DRUFF…and Weg! Clean ?

  • Stone floors, marble, slate, fine stone, laminate, wooden floors, kitchen, furniture, great as a stain remover.
  • Window winter garden bathroom wall tiles kitchen/degreaser toilet and outdoor areas
  • Maintenance cleaning for the entire household area
  • Any dirt throughout the house as well as in the area of ​​camping, cars, bicycles, garden furniture
  • for cleaning almost all surfaces
  • Cleaning of all surfaces throughout the household, whether house or apartment
  • In the cleaning water for all floors
  • Stain remover couch Alcantara / fabric even leather

Areas of application 100% PURES concentrate
Animal urine, cat urine smell, rancid milk smell, odors from floods and fires, slaughter waste, odors of all kinds of organic origin, public toilet facilities / urinals, waste collection systems, septic tanks, landfills, sludge thickening, sludge drying systems, compost, garbage containers, garbage trucks, poultry and pig farming, dairy farming, agricultural applications , food processing, animal cages, pet care, household waste collection points, carpets, etc. Spray & Wipe Concentrate Sandalwood also works on dirt that is difficult to access. Where other conventional cleaning agents have previously failed, such as urine seeping into tile joints, Spray & Wipe Concentrate Sandalwood works thanks to its unique biologically active formulation of bacterial cultures. Spray & Wipe Concentrate Sandalwood combats unpleasant odors caused by the decomposition or fermentation of organic residues. It destroys these odors by attacking and breaking down the organic source of the odor. Organic residues are broken down and a self-cleaning process is initiated.

Depending on the application , universal cleaner concentrate sandalwood is used pure or diluted up to 1:10. Roughly remove the odor-causing dirt and then simply spray the surfaces generously. In the case of infiltrated odor sources, such as: If there is a smell of vomit, urine, milk or similar in tile joints or in upholstery and carpets, etc., ensure that the surface is thoroughly moistened/soaked with universal cleaner concentrate sandalwood odor remover! The absorbed odor source must be completely reached with the sandalwood concentrate . The universal cleaner concentrate sandalwood odor remover can also be used like a normal cleaning agent in shampooing devices for carpet cleaning.

  • PLACE OF USE: The odor remover can basically be used on all waterproof surfaces. All types of floors such as stone, tiles, screed, concrete, sandstone, carpet, as well as many other surfaces and substrates such as upholstery, cushions, couch furniture, mattresses, clothing, etc. are suitable.
  • CAUSE OF ODOR WILL BE ELIMINATED: Any type of organic residue, e.g. B. Animal urine, vomit, feces or animal secretions are a cause of odor. This is removed deeply and without leaving any residue. Once the source of the odor has been eliminated, the odor to be removed automatically disappears.
  • BIOLOGICAL EFFECT: As in nature, organic residues from urine, feces, secretions, vomit are broken down and broken down by the BactoDes microbes and then decomposed or broken down.
  • PH-NEUTRAL: This odor remover is almost pH-neutral and can therefore be used on almost all waterproof surfaces.
  • HARMLESS: The microorganisms in the product are absolutely harmless to humans and animals when used correctly.

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