Turbo nozzle

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Our turbo nozzle with universal adapter is a suction-driven brush for particularly thorough carpet cleaning. It fits the HITACHI vacuum cleaner but also any other vacuum cleaner model thanks to its universal adapter. Turbo nozzle suitable for the HITACHI vacuum cleaner models CV-80, CV-140, CV-145, CV-160, CV-180 / 185 (C, CA, M etc.), CV-T190, CV-T190ROT, CV-94, CV -96, CV-99, CV-100, CV-200 / CV-200P, CV-300 / CV-300 P, CV-400 eco / CV-400P eco, CV-950, CV-S950, CV-950BJ, CV-950BK, CV-950Y, CV-940Y, CV-2000, CV-2500, CV-2600, CV-2800, CV-3200/3300, CV-5100, CV-5300, CV-5500, CV-4700, CV-T885

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