Support arm with boiler for Columbus

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Support arm with boiler for Columbus

The support arm and stock pot are the perfect accessories for our Columbus fire pit. This means that the comfortably warm fireplace also becomes a practical cooking area for stews and soups.

In winter, the Columbus, complete with kettle and gallows, is of course not only suitable as a heat source, but is also ideal for preparing mulled wine and punch on an open fire.

The gallows is simply inserted into the holder provided on the Columbus fire pit (see illustration).

As a special feature, the height of the soup pot is infinitely adjustable using the chain.

Material: rustproof V2A stainless steel


– Total height (installed): approx. 180 cm

Scope of delivery:

– Fire pit on pallet
– Stainless steel grill grate
– Fire bowl

The fire pit, checker plate base, wok, steak pan and spark guard are NOT included in the scope of delivery of the support arm, but can be ordered separately.

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