Steak pan - type 2 - diameter 45 cm

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Steak pan - type 2 - diameter 45 cm

The steak pan is the ideal accessory for roasting on an open fire. It has a bracket to attach it to the grill and can be swiveled.
The steak pan is available in the following three sizes:
– approx. 40cm diameter (for type 1 with 60cm diameter)
– approx. 45cm diameter (for type 2 with 70cm diameter)
– approx. 50cm diameter (for type 3 with 80cm diameter)
Of course you can use the grill pan for all of our fireplace models and also with the Columbus fire pit use.

The steak pan is forged from solid steel because it has a higher heat conductivity.
The pan has two handles.

Using a swivel bracket, it can be height-adjusted and of course swiveled and used on our grills and outdoor fireplaces.

Please note that you have the Order the right size for your fireplace.

To ensure that you can enjoy using the steak pan for a long time, please follow the start and care instructions in the operating instructions.

Material: Steel, forged
– Type1: diameter 40 cm
– Type2: diameter 45 cm
– Type3: diameter 50 cm

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