SPRUDELUX POWER SODA under-sink table water system

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SPRUDELUX under-sink table water system – pure refreshment!
Do you prefer to drink your water still, chilled or sparkling? With Sprudelux you always have the choice. As soon as you select the desired type of water at the tap, still room temperature, still chilled or chilled carbonated water pours into your glass. Fresh water, perfectly tailored to your taste, straight from the tap – it’s that easy! With a 5-way faucet you can mix untreated hot and cold water as well as choose between three additional types of water.
  1. quiet, room temperature
  2. silent, cooled
  3. chilled, carbonated
    And what about Grohe Blue, Brita Neo and Co?
    Customers who have spent expensive money on devices from well-known manufacturers are often disappointed with the carbonation results of the system they purchased, especially those who like their water sparkling rather than lukewarm. The SPRUDELUX drinking water system uses a revolutionary carbonization process. Unlike most sparkling systems, so-called continuous water sparkling machines, in the SPRUDELUX the water is mixed with the carbon dioxide under high pressure in an integrated stainless steel tank. The cooling and high pressure in a closed container are ideal for combining the water with carbon dioxide. The system also creates a very high flow rate of sparkling water from the tap. You get up to 3-4 liters of sparkling water per minute: chilled and sparkling. Of course, you can adjust the carbon dioxide content on the CO2 pressure reducer to suit your taste.
    Does the water need to be filtered?
    Everyone has to answer this question for themselves. Although the sewage treatment plants and waterworks do their best, our drinking water can contain pollutants such as drug residues, heavy metals, birth control pills, pesticides, nitrates, etc. Since SPRUDELUX does not have any filter unit in this version, it is the ideal solution for those:
    • who already receive good quality tap water from the drinking water supplier
    • who only want to cool/bubble their drinking water and not filter it
    • who are convinced of the quality of the tap water
    • who do not want to change the composition of the tap water
    • who already have a water filter and would like to connect the SPRUDELUX after their existing water filter
    • Tap water is transformed into pure, tasty and tingling pleasure
    • Water optimally cooled to 4, 6 or 8°C and finely carbonated directly from the tap
    • robust design
    • Design and manufacturing “Made in Italy”
    • Thanks to its compact design, the device fits into most base cabinets next to the waste separation system
    • an elegant system for the kitchen unit available in white
    • the under-table version allows the kitchenette much Place
    • dhe faucet that is mounted directly on the sink, enables practical direct water extraction
    • Complete with connections, connecting hoses and electrical cables
    • large selection of compatible fittings
    Scope of delivery:
    • SPRUDELUX POWER SODA under-sink table water system
    • Connection set including T-piece, cables etc.
    • power cord
    • Assembly / operating instructions
    Additional accessories available
    • Carbon dioxide pressure reducer with measuring device  boffers the option of adjusting the carbon dioxide content of the water individually to suit your taste
    • CO2 cylinder - Simply adjust the size of the cylinder to suit your family's carbon dioxide consumption
    • You can find suitable 5-way fittings on selwie.com
    • Aqua-Stop Ventil
    • FIBARO water detector Flood Senso
    Important NOTE:
    We only supply the 6kg and 10kg CO2 bottles with our bubble systems in conjunction with a CO2 detector, which must be purchased separately to avoid the risk of suffocation in the event of a CO2 leak.  

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