SPRUDELUX NUOVO PLUS reverse osmosis drinking water system

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The SPRUDELUX NUOVO reverse osmosis drinking water system leaves nothing to be desired. 
The SPRUDELUX is a top-class direct flow reverse osmosis system. Despite its very compact housing, the under-sink drinking water filter is extremely powerful and can deliver up to 110 liters per hour upon request. clear and delicious food No. 1. Whether for cooking, preparing tea and coffee or rinsing food - in the future you can easily use the still, health-safe osmosis water from a 5-way tap. 5-way cock, what is that? – you might be asking yourself. The answer is simple, with a 5-way tap and modern luxury drinking water source SPRUDELUX you can tap five different types of water:

Technical data SPRUDELUX NUOVO

execution Under-table system
Filtration method Direct flow reverse osmosis
Motor water cooled
Compressor water cooled, no heat generation
Pump Industrial pump Brass
Working pressure 8 bar
Carbonation boiler Edelstahlkessel 2,5L (1,5 Liter effective)
Aqua-Stop integrated
filter change 1st stage - sediment filter 5 microns 6-12 months 2nd stage - activated carbon filter 6-12 months 3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane 180 GPD 18 Months 4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane 180 GPD 18 Months
Temperature of the starting product selectable 2-12°C
Issue water types 1. Osmosis filtered, still, room temperature 2. Osmosis filtered, still, cooled 3. Osmosis filtered, chilled and carbonated
Flow rate of still osmosis water 1 Liter / Minute
Flow rate of cooled osmosis water 1 Liter / Minute
Flow rate of cooled osmosis water with CO2 that. 1 Liter / Minutes
Performance 180W
Maße B x H x T 248 x 386 x 390mm
Noise level 55 dB (A) - 45 dB (A)
Weight 28kg
Guarantee 2 years
  • Tap water is transformed into pure, tasty and tingling pleasure
  • Water optimally cooled to 2-12°C and finely carbonated directly from the tap
  • robust design
  • Design and manufacturing “Made in Italy”
  • Thanks to its compact design, the device fits into most base cabinets next to the waste separation system
  • an elegant system for the kitchenette, available in black and white
  • the under-table version allows the kitchenette much Place 
  • the faucet which is mounted directly on the sink, enables practical and direct water extraction
  • complete with connections, connecting hoses, a safety clip and an electrical cable
  • Large selection of 5-way fittings (not included)
Scope of delivery:
  • SPRUDELUX NUOVO reverse osmosis drinking water system
  • Original Vorfilter-Set
  • Connection set including angle valve adapter and lines
  • Assembly / operating instructions

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