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The SodaStream Crystal impresses with its elegance, environmental awareness and saves you the hassle of lugging around boxes and disposing of empties. In contrast to previous soda maker models, which used conventional PET containers to store water, the stylish SodaStream Crystal includes a modern and elegant water carafe - just the thing for your home or office.
  • No more annoying lugging around boxes
  • No plastic waste
  • Elegant Glass Carafes
  • Refreshing taste
  • Approximately 60 liters of fresh water per cartridge
The dishwasher-safe glass carafe (approx. 0.6 liter capacity) of the SodaStream soda maker guarantees fresh, high-quality drinking water at all times. Our drinking water in Germany is generally more strictly controlled than mineral water and is therefore of particularly high quality, so that you can enjoy your water every day without any worries. In contrast to the simple screw caps on conventional sparkling water makers, the special champagne cap on the SodaStream Crystal is absolutely tight, which is why the water still tastes incomparably fresh even after hours. You can exchange the 60l carbon dioxide cylinder made of particularly light aluminum at any time at a dealer near you for a new, freshly filled cylinder. The carbonic acid content can be dosed very easily and therefore always ensures your correct, individual mixture. The carbon dioxide cylinders contain original natural carbon dioxide from the depths of volcanic rock and enliven your drink with a unique taste. The large and handy lever on the front for opening and closing the water holder and the push button on the top for activating the bubble trigger make operating the Sodastream Crystal child's play. In addition, your wallet can also look forward to a relief: one carbon dioxide cylinder is easily enough for up to 60 liters of fresh, high-quality sparkling water; in comparison, you would have to buy around seven cases of water. So where you previously had to carry crates of water and regularly take away empties, today the Sodastream Crystal fulfills its purpose as a water soda maker, looks elegant and noble and protects the environment as no more disposable bottles are wasted.
  1. EAN: 7290012694264
    Brand: SodaStream
    Material: Aluminium
    Gas cylinder is sufficient for: 60 liters of water
    Glass bottles?: And
    Color: Black

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