PRO-BUSINESS - Drinking water system still, chilled, sparkling and cooking water

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PRO-BUSINESS is a water dispenser at the highest level, ideal for any environment where service and image are required. The cooling system with ice bank, the professional carbonator and the stainless steel hot water tank offer high performance and maximum reliability. The water dispenser delivers up to 45 l/hour of cold water - still or sparkling water - and 8 l/hour of hot water for making excellent teas. Trinkwasseranlage stilles, gekühltes, Sprudel- und Kochwasser TYPES OF WATER Cold and tempered water on all models or the WG versions for sparkling water and the H versions for hot water. HIGHTECH – BEDIENFELD Black tempered glass front panel with stainless steel inserts that are resistant to marks, a two-color display (128 x 64 ) and touchscreen control panel.  HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE TAP POINT The tapping point is adjustable in height: from a minimum of 22 cm, ideal for dispensing cups or mugs, to a maximum height of 27 cm, ideal for using bottles. The delivery of hot water is protected by a safety device. FILTERING A wide range of filters is available to improve the taste and smell of the water, reduce limescale deposits and prevent bacteria from entering the water network. Drip tray with drain The drip tray has a capacity of 400 ml and allows excessive water to be directed to a drain or into a dedicated container (optional) equipped with an overflow.  1_COOLING SYSTEM The cooling technology with an ice bank enables high performance despite a small device.  2_CARBONIZER The cold enrichment gives the drinking water a distinct and long-lasting taste.   3_HOT WATER TANK The stainless steel pressurized water tank allows the water to be heated to 98°C.   4_REAL-TIME PARAMETER CONTROL
The water dispenser allows the following operating parameters to be displayed in real time:
  • Cold and hot water temperature
  • Capacity and remaining operating time of the filter system with the corresponding UV lamp
  • Fill level of the CO2 bottle
  • Date of the next hygienic cleaning.
The display shows anomalies or malfunctions in a timely manner, such as the lack of water from the drinking water network, clogging of the filters, etc., in order to avoid damage to the system.

Technical specifications

execution Table-top system
Filtration method Activated carbon block filter & hollow fiber membrane / germ barrier
filter change 1st stage. Activated carbon block filter 6-12 months 2. Hollow fiber membrane / germ barrier 6-12 months
Cooling temperature selectable 3-10℃
Issue water types 1. Filtered, still, room temperature 2. Filtered, still, chilled 3. Filtered, chilled carbonated 4. Filtered cooking water 98℃
Still and chilled water output 45L / St.
Power cooking water 8L / St.
Ice bank capacity 2kg
Performance 400W
Maße B x H x T 340 x 540 x 400mm
Origin Italy
Weight 30kg
Guarantee 2 years
 Characteristics: Water types available: up to 4 different types of water - room temperature, cold, sparkling and boiling hot. High-tech control panel: black tempered glass front with anti-fingerprint stainless steel insert, two-color display size 128×64 and touch screen control panel. Adjustable dosage: Dispensing zone with adjustable height: from a minimum of 22 cm - suitable for water with a cup or glass - to a maximum of 27 cm for use with bottles. Hot water output is protected by a safety device. Filtration: an extensive range of filters are available to improve the taste and aroma of the water, to combat limescale deposits and to prevent bacteria from entering the water network. Drip tray with drain: the drip tray, with a capacity of max. 400 ml, allows excess water to be channeled to a drain or alternatively into a suitable optional tank equipped with an overflow sensor. Cooling system: Ice bank cooling technology offers high performance in the smallest space. Carbonators: cold carbonator allows you to obtain an intense, lasting taste from sparkling water. Self-diagnosis system: The display immediately signals any anomalies or malfunctions, such as lack of tap water, clogged filters, etc., to prevent seizures. Optional base cabinet.
Real-time parameter control: the water dispenser allows the following operating parameters to be displayed in real time:
  • The temperature of the hot/cold water
  • Capacity and duration of the filtration system and relative UV lamp
  • CO2 cylinder level
  • Date of the next sanitization intervention

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