MAX Singer including special set - tested exhibit - top condition

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  • All-in-one: it is a bagless vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, steam cleaner, water vacuum cleaner, ironing station, air purifier and humidifier
  • It saves you: drying, scrubbing, wiping, sweeping, gloves, buckets of water, dirty cleaning cloths and cleaning products.
  • Highly effective cleaning: eliminates stubborn dirt, household bacteria and filters the air thanks to the HEPA filter
  • Easy to use: With many functions and capabilities that make cleaning much easier, faster and more convenient.
Accessories: Basic set: device, hose, 2 pipes, combination nozzle, carpet insert, hard floor insert, liquid insert, window wiper, high-pressure nozzle, nozzle brush, suction attachment, filling funnel, replacement seals.

Steam vacuum cleaners make your life easier throughout the house and give you valuable time!

Fresh air for the whole family. Healthy environment for your children

Singer technologies that combine steam and vacuum power with water filtering

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