Salmon board - Venus - for fireplace type 3

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Salmon board - Venus - for fireplace type 3

The salmon board allows fish and meat to be cooked without exposing them to the direct heat of the fire. To do this, the salmon board is hung on the railing of the fireplace.
The salmon board is available for the Duo and Patchwork Exclusiv, Edelweiss fireplaces and, with a suitable holder, also for the Tirol fireplace.
The holder allows several salmon boards to be used on the fireplace at the same time.

Please note that to avoid damage, you must soak the wooden board for at least two hours before use.

This ensures that the fire cannot harm the wood and that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Material: V2A stainless steel, wood
Scope of delivery: Salmon board with suitable holder for the selected fireplace type

Type 2 = L 40.00cm x W 14.00cm x H 2.00cm
Type 3 = L 44.00cm x W 14.00cm x H 2.00cm

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