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You can find delicious dishes for the outdoor fireplace in our cookbook “BBQ-SEELAU”. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Classic Barbecue: Learn the basics of open flame grilling, from choosing the right wood to getting the perfect embers. We'll show you how to prepare juicy steaks, tender ribs and flavorful chicken thighs.

2. Mediterranean delicacies: Transform your outdoor fireplace into an Italian pizzeria and conjure up crispy pizzas with fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs. Or how about grilled vegetables, marinated olives and homemade focaccia?

3. Exotic grill recipes: Discover the diversity of international cuisine and prepare delicious dishes such as Moroccan lamb chops with mint yogurt, Thai satay skewers or Mexican fajitas. The flavors and spices will enchant your taste buds.

4. Vegetarian delights: We also have numerous recipes for vegetarians. Try grilled halloumi with fresh salad, stuffed peppers with quinoa or grilled asparagus with lemon butter. Meat lovers will also love these dishes.

5. Sweet temptations: The outdoor fireplace is not only suitable for savory dishes, but also for sweet treats. How about grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream, chocolate bananas or grilled apples with cinnamon sugar? These desserts are the perfect end to a successful barbecue evening.

In "BBQ-SEELAU" you will find detailed instructions, tips and tricks as well as inspiring photos that will make your mouth water. Whether you are an experienced grill master or are just starting out with open flame grilling, this cookbook will delight you and open up new culinary possibilities. Get “BBQ-SEELAU” now and turn your outdoor fireplace into the ultimate grill station!

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