Charcoal tray - For type 2 fireplaces

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Charcoal tray - For type 2 fireplaces

The charcoal tray is the ideal accessory if you want to use our fireplaces or fire pits for grilling with charcoal.

Not only does it make it easier to load the grill, it ensures the necessary ventilation of the charcoal and protects the Scamol cladding from dripping fat, it also makes it easier to clean the chimney and remove the ashes after grilling.

To match the three different chimney diameters, the charcoal bowl is also available in three different sizes (Type1, Type2, and Type3).

Material: steel


– Type1: diameter approx. 40 cm
– Type2: diameter approx. 45 cm
– Type3: diameter approx. 50 cm

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