HITACHI CV-400 eco - The new classic without a bag (pink)

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Our freshly designed classic from HITACHI is characterized by maximum suction power with low operating costs and impresses with its color scheme. Thanks to the new economical max. 880 watt power motor and the proven bagless filter system, the CV-400 eco protects your budget: easy emptying, double sound insulation, braked exhaust air, switchable carpet-floor nozzle and anti-tip, smooth-running wheels make the HITACHI CV-400 eco indispensable for Anyone who has to clean a wide variety of surfaces every day. And now in four fresh colors. HITACHI VACUUM CLEANER CV-400 ECO CV-400 eco 1. Carpet nozzle (item no. CV-400 015) Our switchable carpet nozzle for the HITACHI vacuum cleaner helps you thoroughly clean carpets and hard floors. 2. Extension tube (item no. NR-590 904)The plastic extension tube for HITACHI vacuum cleaners consists of 3 equal parts and serves as a connecting piece between the hose and the floor nozzle. When ordering, please order this item 3 times for the complete suction pipe. 3. Curved hand tube (item no. NR-5100937) This curved tube for HITACHI vacuum cleaners serves as a “handle”. The suction strength can be regulated mechanically on the curved tube. 4. Suction hose (item no. CV-100 916) The flexible 3 m long hose for HITACHI vacuum cleaners is sturdy and particularly flexible. 5. Hose coupling (item no. NR-2650919) The hose coupling for HITACHI vacuum cleaners serves as a connecting piece between the hose and the device. 6. Furniture brush (item no. CV-790 918) You can rotate this rotating furniture brush for HITACHI vacuum cleaners so that even the smallest spaces can be cleaned perfectly. 7. Crevice nozzle (item no. CV-2800918) This 120 mm long crevice nozzle for HITACHI vacuum cleaners is particularly suitable for thorough cleaning of narrow spaces, for example in the car, or for vacuuming carpet strips or tile edges.
8. Fabric filter (item no. NR-100 908) Our fabric filter for the Hitachi vacuum cleaner CV-400 eco is easy to remove dust due to its nature and can be reused over and over again. This fabric filter is suitable for the HITACHI vacuum cleaner models CV-99, CV-100, CV-200, CV-300 and CV-400 eco. 9. Power cable (item no. N-200) The power cable without a device plug for HITACHI vacuum cleaners ensures comfortable working with its length of 10 m. 10. HEPA Clean Filter (Item No. HEPAFILTER)The HEPA Clean Filter for HITACHI vacuum cleaners is a filter that is attached directly under the motor and cleans dust particles from the exhaust air of the vacuum cleaner. HEPA clean filter suitable for the HITACHI vacuum cleaner models CV-200 / CV-200P, CV-300 / CV-300P and CV-400 eco / CV-400P eco. 11. Upper housing part complete with motor (Item no. Pink: CV-400001 PI) (Art. No. Orange: CV-400001 OR) (Item no. Blue: CV-400001 BL) (Art. No. Green: CV-400001 GN) Robust turbine housing for the HITACHI vacuum cleaner CV-400 eco, easily replaceable with motor, cable and HEPA clean filter. 12. Lower housing part (Item no. Pink: CV-400011 PI) (Art. No. Orange: CV-400011 OR) (Art. no. Blue: CV-400011 BL) (Art. No. Green: CV-400011 GN) The lower housing part for the HITACHI vacuum cleaner CV-400 eco comes complete with swivel castors and rear wheels.
  • 73dB – low noise
  • max. 880 watt motor
  • Robust plastic housing
  • 3 m hose length
  • Single-stage turbo engine
  • Automatic safety system
  • 13 m operating radius
  • 7.5 liter dust tank capacity
  • 342(W) x 402(H) mm
  • 4.0kg weight
  • Cable holder
  • Accessory holder
  • Colors: Pink, Orange, Blue, Green
  • Non-slip vinyl suction hose with curved attachment
  • 3 extension tubes
  • Carpet floor nozzle
  • Furniture brush
  • crevice nozzle
  • 73dB

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