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Special properties: non-stick coating, lightweight
Color gray
Material: stone
Product dimensions: 21D x 23W x 3H cm
Item weight: 2030 grams
Bring variety to the table and vary the raclette grilling experience with food from the stone grill plate.
The beautiful natural gray stone can be used as an additional plate for the BBQ-SEELAU raclettes from the Pure series (01.162910.01.001, 01.162900.01.001) and the Piano series (01.162925.01.001, 01.162915.01.001).
The stone plate has a grill area of ​​21 x 23 cm.
Thanks to the non-stick stone plate, you can easily fry meat, fish and vegetables without anything sticking.
Simply clean the plate with warm water and a soft cloth.
Number of pieces: 1
The BBQ-SEELAU 162930 stone accessory grill plate is a great way to transform your BBQ-SEELAU Pure or Piano Raclette into a stone grill and gather around the table with family and friends and enjoy a nice and cozy meal. Thanks to the non-stick coating, you need little to no additional oil; just the hot stone and a little salt make your meat, fish or vegetables delicious. The natural gray stone has a baking surface of 21 x 23 cm and also has a channel to catch excess fat and oil. Thanks to the non-stick coating, the food to be grilled does not stick and the plate is easy to clean afterwards. The stone plate is suitable as an extension for your raclette from the Pure or Piano series. Simply place the stone in the raclette and switch between the normal grill plate, a baking plate or this natural stone. If you use two stones, you can completely transform your raclette into a stone grill with a raclette function when you use the pans.

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