FT-LINE 3 activated carbon water filter system with UF filtration

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FT-LINE 3 activated carbon water filter system with UF filtration

FT-LINE 3. Activated carbon water filter system with UF filtration either 1/4 or 3/8  AORA filter set FT LINE 3 combines FT 5 micron filter with a polypropylene filtration, activated carbon filtration and ultrafiltration membrane filter, suitable for home use. 5 filters to remove fine particles, corrosion, lime, sand and GAC activated carbon filter removes odors and aromas, chlorine and other organic substances from tap water. Removes pesticides, insecticides and chlorine compounds and reduces water cloudiness. The ultrafiltration membrane removes even the smallest dirt particles, such as asbestos, gelatin, endotoxin... This means the water we drink becomes pure and tasty drinking water again. Living area: 
  • The removal of chlorine for household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, showers and units for drinking water, filtration of drinking water, the protection of taps.
Technical use:
  • Removal of chlorine in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, pretreatment for reverse osmosis systems.
Scope of delivery:
  • FT-82 5 Mikron Sedimentfilter
  • FT-83 activated carbon filter
  • FT-91 Ultrafiltrationsmembran
  • 3 x FT-Filterköpfe
  • wall mount
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