Electric rotisserie spit - for type 3 fireplaces

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Electric rotisserie spit - for type 3 fireplaces

The electric rotisserie with 230V connection (socket) makes your spit roast just as successful as a crispy roast chicken. Of course, the rotisserie also has a holder for the grill and can be swiveled.

The accompanying fat drip tray ensures a healthy grilling atmosphere and keeps the fat away from the fire.

The electric rotisserie is available for all three fireplace sizes.

The drive motor complies with European guidelines and can be connected to a standard 230 volt AC socket.

– Type1: diameter approx. 40 cm
– Type2: diameter approx. 45 cm
– Type3: diameter approx. 50 cm

Power connection:
– 230 volts alternating voltage

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