Hanging table - for VENUS T2 and T3

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The hanging table is a practical accessory for the VENUS T2 and T3 barbecue fireplaces. It consists of a steel bracket that is hooked into the railing of the barbecue fireplace and a wooden table top that can be easily removed.

The steel bracket remains firmly attached to the railing of the barbecue fireplace and provides a stable base for the hanging table. The table top can be taken up and down as needed, allowing for flexibility and convenience when grilling.

The hanging table offers a practical storage space for grill accessories, spices, plates or drinks. This means you have everything at hand and can fully concentrate on grilling.

The wooden table top gives the hanging table a natural and attractive look. It is robust and durable, so you will enjoy it for a long time.

The hanging table is a useful accessory for your barbecue fireplace and makes grilling and organizing your barbecue utensils easier. Enjoy the practical functionality and attractive design of the hanging table during your barbecue evenings.

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