Stainless steel grill fireplace Venus

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Size: TYPE 2: approx. 77cm diameter
Color: Brown
Sale price€5.800,00


A highlight of the BBQ-SEELAU grill fireplace model VENUS is the high-quality workmanship and use of stainless steel, which ensures high durability and corrosion resistance. The grill fireplace is completely double-walled and has a standard all-round spark protection door.

The BBQ-SEELAU grill fireplace offers you numerous practical functions for an optimal grilling experience. There is an ash drawer made of V2A stainless steel under the cast iron fire grate, which makes cleaning the ash container easier. The wide exhaust pipe ensures optimal draft, while the spark guard with gauze catches flying embers or ash, thus ensuring your safety and the protection of those around you.

The combustion chamber of the BBQ-SEELAU grill fireplace is lined with heat-resistant Scamol stones, which optimally reflect heat and ensure perfect heat radiation. The wide-cut hood allows for easy handling of the various accessories and allows the grill to be easily stocked with firewood.

Additional accessories are available to expand your grilling options with the BBQ-SEELAU. The barbecue fireplace is rollable and has a wood compartment for convenient storage of firewood. The V2A stainless steel grill grate can be swiveled and height-adjusted to enable individual adjustment to your grilling needs.

The BBQ-SEELAU grill fireplace is not only functional, but also visually appealing. It is handmade and offers you a high-quality design that fits into any outdoor area.

Enjoy high-quality grilling and easy cleaning with the BBQ-SEELAU grill chimney thanks to the practical functions and high-quality materials. Experience an incomparable grilling experience with the BBQ-SEELAU grill fireplace.

– handmade from stainless steel (high durability, no corrosion)
– completely double-walled
– all-round spark protection door as standard
– Various accessories available
– Ash drawer for easy cleaning
– cast iron fire grate
– rollable
– Wooden compartment
– Combustion chamber is lined with Scamol up to 1400 degrees
– The V2A stainless steel grill grate is swivel and height adjustable
– Spark flying guard with gauze

-TÜV tested for your safety

Scope of delivery:
– Fireplace on pallet

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