DVGW tested DELFIN softening system for 4-8 people

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DVGW tested DELFIN softening system for 4-8 people
State-of-the-art technology with all relevant test marks at an unbeatable price
Enjoy soft water comfort, save money and energy and all of this in accordance with DIN standards
This is the hardness: Lime:
Most of our drinking water is used as bath and shower water. When it heats up, limescale forms, which clogs pipes and calcifies household appliances. Another nuisance are the limescale stains on tiles and fittings. That doesn't have to be the case!
Those particularly at risk are:
» Boilers and hot water heaters,
» Washing machines and dishwashers, coffee machines, shower heads, valves,
» all hot water pipes,
» all pipe bends and constrictions.
Limescale impairs heat transfer and leads to heat build-up in electrical heating elements. This causes the heating element to overheat more and more until it is destroyed. Even 2 mm of limescale deposits on the heat exchanger of the hot water heater means an additional energy requirement of around 15% to bring the water to the same temperature. The DELFIN softening systems are tested according to DIN 19636 and bear the DIN/DVGW test mark. The capacity of the device is designed so that both the entire water for a single or multi-family house as well as partial amounts of water for hot water, swimming pools, washing machines and dishwashers can be partially softened.
How it works:
The DELFIN softening systems are parallel systems: two softening columns provide the water supply. Both are regenerated one after the other, so a softening column is always available during regeneration.
The operation and regeneration of the systems is carried out automatically using state-of-the-art ceramic disc valves. The regeneration program is permanently set and does not need to be reprogrammed, for example after a power failure. The control disks are driven by a hydraulic piston. This reciprocating piston also functions as a make-up pump for precisely refilling the salt container with make-up water and is patented.
The DELFIN softening systems can be connected directly to the pipeline in horizontal or vertical lines with a height of 870 mm (DELFIN MEGA 930 mm) up to approx. 1,450 mm. A power connection (230 volts) must be available. There is also a sewer connection for the flushing water. Normally, softening systems are installed behind the water meter, backwash protection filter and pressure reducer, in front of a dosing pump and the distributor.
Since the DELFIN softening systems work automatically, salt only needs to be refilled from time to time. If no or very little softened water is tapped, the DELFIN softening systems carry out a regeneration every 4 days for hygiene reasons. If the regenerating salt is not refilled in time, the DELFIN softening systems go into economy mode: the remaining salt supply is used to disinfect the exchange resin and the softening effect is reduced. This means that the softening systems remain in a hygienically perfect condition long after the salt shortage occurs.
The DELFIN softening systems conjure up soft water and protect your water pipes and water heaters from harmful limescale deposits.
Technical specifications:
  • Nominal flow
  • nach DIN 196361,5 m³/h3 m³/h
  • Pipe connection 1 inch 1 inch
  • NenndruckPN 10PN 10
  • pressure loss
  • at nominal flow 0.9 bar0.9 bar
  • operating pressure
  • min./max.2/7 bar2/7 bar
  • Maximum filling of the salt storage container
  • with tablet salt40 kg40 kg
  • Electrical connection 230 V/50 Hz230 V/50 Hz
  • Operating weight max.90 kg105 kg
  • Shipping weight approx.25 kg25 kg
Scope of delivery:
  • Water softening system
  • Flasnsch
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