Three-way tap MINIMAL stainless steel look

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Three-way tap MINIMAL stainless steel look The MINIMAL model is a real hygiene system: separate pipes make it possible to dispense both filtered and unfiltered water. This ensures that the different water flows do not mix. This three-way faucet is the optimal solution for your household if you do not want to install an additional faucet for your reverse osmosis system. Understandable, because who wants to have two taps on one sink? The quality-tested components of this reverse osmosis faucet as well as its expert workmanship make the MINIMAL model a high-quality component in a functional and modern kitchen. The advanced three-way MINIMAL faucet is made of sturdy brass. This guarantees high durability and a long service life. User-friendly technologies of levers and valves make this 3-in-1 faucet easy to use. The MINIMAL model is an innovative fitting that adapts to any kitchen design with its classic shape. The energy of water is in constant motion in its natural environment: it flows, whirls, swirls, ripples and ensures that all pollutants are washed away. The element of water is considered a strong basic energy for health, vitality and a good mood, not only in the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. Bring these positive forces into your home easily with the MINIMAL three-way faucet. Your advantages:
  • just a faucet on your sink
  • donates tap water and filtered water
  • separate cable routes
  • comfortable mixer tap for tap water
  • elaborately painted
  • Highly polished
  • Two interchangeable sieve inserts
  • 360° swivel
  • no further drilling necessary
  • easiest self-assembly
  • DIN standard standard connections
Scope of delivery:
  • Three-way tap MINIMAL stainless steel look
  • Connection set including cables

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