Designer 5-way tap STRATOS, onyx

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Designer 5-way faucet STRATOS is a modern electronic kitchen faucet capable of supplying 5 different types of water. The lever at the top mixes the tap water, like a conventional kitchen tap. At the front of the faucet body you can choose between 3 additional types of water by simply tapping the touch button for the type of water you want. In order to get 3 additional types of water, a stylish tap alone is of course not enough; you need a special under-sink device, e.g. our sophisticated SPRUDELUX drinking water system. Depending on the version, our SPRUDELUX can deliver the following types of water in combination with a 5-way fitting:
  1. Cold tap water
  2. Hot tap water
  3. Filtered water still & room temperature
  4. Filtered water still & chilled
  5. Filtered water chilled & carbonated
The lines can be assigned as desired. Can also be used as a 4-way faucet, leaving one line unused.
Your advantages:
  • just a faucet on your sink
  • currentless, mechanical
  • Keramikpatrone
  • separate cable routes
  • comfortable mixer tap for tap water
  • two interchangeable sieve inserts
  • 360° swivel
  • no further drilling necessary
  • easiest self-assembly
  • DIN standard standard connections
Techn. Details
  • Dimensions: see technical. drawing
  • Material: chrome-plated brass / elaborately coated
  • Necessary hole in the sink or worktop ∅ 33mm
  • 2x armored hose for cold and hot water 3/8″
  • 3x plastic hose ∅ 6mm
scope of delivery
  • Electronic 5-way fitting STRATOS, Onyx
  • Connection set including cables
  • assembly Instructions

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