Floor plate puzzle - for type 2

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The practical Puzzle base plate can be used half as a “rug” or completely as an all-round spark protection for the floor around your BBQ Seelau grill chimney.

The advantage here is that this base plate can also be laid around the fireplace that is already in place. It is also possible to use the individual part e.g. B. can also be used on the side as spark or splash protection.
Please note that one piece corresponds exactly to a semicircle (180 degrees). So if you want to order a full circle, you need two pieces.
We can offer you the PUZZLE base plate in three different sizes to match the three fireplace types.

Material: V2A stainless steel, brushed
Material thickness: 1.5mm
Outer diameter: 1150 mm (115 cm)
Inner diameter:

– for type 1: 450 mm
– for type 2: 530 mm
– for type 3: 620 mm

Scope of delivery: - 1 part (semicircle)

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