Beer dispenser party set for grill table BBQ-SEELAU

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The BBQ-SEELAU tap system for the grill table is an ingenious solution to tap your beer as if by magic. It is especially suitable for standard 5 liter party kegs and fits perfectly on our grill table.

The dispensing system works according to the world-famous principle and is always ready for use because it does not require electricity. It keeps the 5 liter barrel wonderfully cool for over 8 hours, so you can always enjoy a cold beer.

The tap system is suitable for various types of beer such as pilsner, light beer, dark beer, wheat beer or even the latest craft beer creations. But you can also use empty barrels to bottle your own mixed drinks such as Cuba Libre, Korn Cola, Prosecco or cocktails.

The dispenser comes with 4 reusable cups and 2 CO2 cartridges. So you can start pouring straight away and serve your drinks in style.

Operating the dispenser is simple and uncomplicated. All you have to do is insert the party keg into the tap and open the tap. The beer then flows directly into the cup and you can enjoy it immediately.

The innovative tap system is an absolute must-have for every barbecue table and provides a special highlight at your barbecue parties or other events. Let yourself be won over by the simple operation and the delicious taste of freshly tapped beer.

  • Easy handling
  • Innovative dispensing system
  • Incl. accessories and 4 x cups 0.5
  • Incl. accessories and 4 x glass 0.3
  • Incl. accessories and 4 x glass 0.5

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