Table-top table water system SPRUDELUX® RED DIAMOND 2.0 UV

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Under-sink drinking water system SPRUDELUX® RED DIAMOND 2.0 UV – pure refreshment! Do you prefer to drink your water hot, chilled or sparkling? With Sprudelux you always have the choice. As soon as you select the type of water you want on the device, still, hot, chilled or chilled carbonated water will pour into your glass. Fresh water, perfectly tailored to your taste, straight from the water dispenser - it's that easy! The innovative drinking water system supplies the following types of water:
  1. boiling hot up to 85℃
  2. silent, cooled
  3. chilled, carbonated
Customers who have spent expensive money on devices from well-known manufacturers are often disappointed with the carbonation results of the system they purchased, especially those who like their water sparkling rather than lukewarm. The SPRUDELUX® drinking water system uses a revolutionary carbonization process. Unlike most sparkling systems, so-called continuous water sparkling machines, in the SPRUDELUX® the water is mixed with the carbon dioxide under high pressure in an integrated stainless steel tank. Advantages:
  • Tap water is transformed into pure, tasty and tingling pleasure
  • Water optimally cooled to 4 to 12°C and finely carbonated
  • Integrated UV lap for more safety
  • robust design
  • modern design
  • Thanks to its compact design, the device fits into any kitchen
  • The table-top version leaves plenty of space for the kitchen unit
  • integrated water stop

    Technical specifications

    execution Table-top system
    Filtration method 2x activated carbon filters
    Filter capacity that. 5,000 Liter
    Sparkling water per filling of CO2 2kg CO2 - ca. 400 Liter 6kg CO2 - ca. 1.200 Liter 10kg CO2 - ca. 2.000 Liter
    Temperature of the starting product selectable 4-12°C
    Issue water types 1. Still, room temperature 2. Still, chilled 3. Carbonated chilled
    Flow rate of still water 2 Liter / Minute
    Flow rate of chilled water 2 Liter / Minute
    Flow rate of cooled water with CO2 that. 2 Liter / Minute
    Performance max. 100W
    Average annual consumption approximately 87.6 kWh (€22.51)
    Maße B x H x T 230 x 390 x 415mm
    Noise level 62 dB (A) - 55 dB (A)
    Weight 16,4kg
    Guarantee 2 years
    Scope of delivery:
    • Countertop drinking water system SPRUDELUX® RED DIAMOND 2.0 UV including filter unit
    • CO2 property bottle 2KG
    • CO2 pressure reducer
    • FT-Line 3 Filter-System
    • Connection set
    • assembly Instructions

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