AQUA STOP – safety in the event of leaks

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AQUA STOP –  Safety in the event of leaks
It happens again and again that water leaks occur during installations in the kitchen for various reasons. This is particularly annoying if it causes damage to your own belongings or even affects other parties. We have finally found a device that prevents this damage. Our AQUA STOP is installed in the cold water supply in the kitchen and contains a shut-off valve. As soon as the sensor lying on the floor comes into contact with water, the device closes immediately. This means it offers protection against material fatigue, possible assembly errors or even unpredictable pressure waves in the pipe network. This protection extends to all installations located behind the valve. It is therefore advisable to mount the device directly on the angle valve. Thanks to the standard 3/8" connections, the AQUA STOP usually fits directly into any kitchen water pipe without an adapter. The AQUA STOP offers you good protection against unforeseen leaks - regardless of the cause.
Technical specifications:
– Connections: 3/8″ or 1/2″ thread on both sides – Pressure: max. 6 bar – Cable length: approx. 1.5 meters – Operating temperature: 5° – 60°C – Power supply: 9-volt block battery (included). An acoustic signal sounds when there is contact with water or a weak battery: the valve is closed automatically.

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