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World first

AORA – the new generation

tastes as pure as mountain spring water

The good feeling of drinking clean water

AORA removes up to 99 percent of pollutants that have accumulated in our tap water. This system also tackles the ugly, difficult-to-remove limescale. The reverse osmosis filter significantly improves the quality of the water. This result not only has a positive effect on your health - the water also tastes much better. Try coffee made with filtered water and be surprised by a real taste experience. It just feels good to drink clean, pure water. This applies not only to our own favorite drinks, but also to the preparation of baby food and even the water for our four-legged friends. The good feeling of consuming pure, clear water, free of pollutants, is a piece of quality of life that you can easily bring home with our AORA three-stage filtration with automatic filter change indicator and convenient quickchange technology 

boiling hot water in just 3 seconds


Advantages of our AORA


  • Time saving
  • Enjoy pure drinking water at the touch of a button
  • no more annoying carrying of water
  • no longer collect and return deposit bottles
  • Among other things: no nitrates, no microplastics, no drug residues
  • amortized quickly and saves money in the long run
  • Immediately hot water without limescale, no more need for a kettle
  • Drink pure drinking water everywhere, even without it FIXED WATER CONNECTION or MONTAGE! 
  • AORA is an ingenious way to enjoy pure drinking water in your caravan/motorhome/boat/kitchen/workplace/office/holiday apartment. Simply take it with you and get pure water worldwide!
  • Hygienic thanks to particularly easy-care materials
  • large and clear touch screen
  • Temperature and TDS value display of the filtered water
  • Child lock for hot temperature selection
  • always the perfect temperature! At 3 a.m., you can finish preparing baby milk in just a few seconds!
  • 6 temperature levels: room temperature, milk 38 – 43 °C, honey tea 52 – 57 °C, Tee 75 – 80 °C, Coffee 87 – 92 °C, boiling hot water 93 – 99 °C


1. Comfort 2. Economics 3. Health for people and animals 4. For the sake of the environment

Example calculation AORA

This is how much money you could save annually in a 3-person household with the AORA compared to bottled water: Daily water requirement per person  2 liters (+ coffee/TEA not included)Water bottles: Price for 1 liter of water from the market  ø 0,39 € This results in costs of 2 liters of water per day  0,78 € pro Person Extrapolated: Annual water requirement per person = approx. 285 € for 730 liters of water Annual expenses for one 3 person household €855 for 2190 liters of waterAORA: Annual costs for filter replacement and maintenance that. €99 Annual costs for tap water consumption that. €26That's a total annual cost of 125 €

Your savings is €730 per year

After just the 8th month, the purchase costs are put into perspective for a family of 3. After 24 months, the savings potential is already €960. After 3 years, that’s a savings of €1,690!


Model AORA/W
Color white
Water pressure 4 ~ 6 bar
Input water temperature 4 ~ 38 ℃
Intended for operation with tap water
Performance 2000 L
Amount of power 130 ml/min
Tap water tank volume 4 L
Waste water tank volume 1,3 L
Tension 220 V
Credit frequency 50 Hz
rated capacity 2100W
Hot water production performance 18 L / h (≥90℃)
first filter PP sediment and activated carbon block filter pre-filter: keeps coarse impurities such as sand, rust, chlorine, bacteria etc.
second filter 50G RO membrane Only 0.0001 μm fine pores stop even the smallest contaminants. What remains is just pure water!
third filter Carbon filter post-filter: refines the taste and the pH value, releases important minerals into the water.
Features Reverse osmosis filtration Output in 6 temperature levels Boiling hot water in just 3 seconds No permanent installation necessary Separation of carbon rod composite filter core and waste water tank Filter element monitoring with filter change reminder Large touch color screen
Product size 450 x 200 x 387 mm
Packaging dimensions 504 x 250 x 448 mm
Outer box size 521 x 272 x 475 mm
Curb weight 7,3 kg
Weight in operation 9,8 kg
housing material ABS Plastic



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Robert Kapitan
Beste Wassermaschine im Kompakt-Bereich

Wir verwenden die AORA in unserem Wohnwagen, seit dem ist Schluss mit Wasser schleppen!!! Sehr gutes Preisleistungsverhältnis und Trotzdem hochwertig verarbeitet!