AORA limescale filter 6000 including 8-stage bypass filter head | Removes limescale and improves taste

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AORA limescale filter 6000 including 8-stage bypass filter head | Removes limescale and improves the taste of tap water AORA limescale filter is the best way to remove limescale, chlorine and other pollutants from your water. Our filters are ideal for coffee machines, kettles, steamers and steam irons. Our technology optimizes taste and removes harmful contaminants. It's quick and easy to install. Get the most out of your water with a limescale filter! Say goodbye to muddy-looking coffee, limescale in your kettle and foul-tasting tea. We have developed the best cold water filter on the market so you can enjoy delicious hot drinks every day. The 8-stage bypass adjustable limescale filter offers a filter solution for coffee professionals with a system that meets every need in terms of hardness and concentration. Adjustable 8-stage bypass head   Control the amount of raw water that passes through the exchange resin flows with the head system. Depending on the water quality you use, you can choose the one you want Mix hardness concentration. Coffee and espresso machine - improves the taste and quality of coffee The filter absorbs limescale and reduces limescale buildup in coffee extraction nozzles and heating tanks. This increases the extraction pressure and improves the taste of the coffee. Groundwater use area - remove the hardness Groundwater requires removal of temporary hardness of approximately 150 to 300 ppm. Setting of 8-stage mixing values ​​for the bypass filter depending on water hardness and concentration. Your benefits at a glance: Fresh filtered water in no time – straight from the kitchen tap. Water is the basis of all life and the most important component of our daily diet. With the built-in water filter systems from AORA®, you have tasty filtered water available to you at any time in the quantity you want - directly from the kitchen tap. The AORA® limescale filter 6000 reduces the carbonate hardness in drinking water and thus avoids limescale deposits in the downstream device. ✔ The filter also binds metal ions such as lead and copper and reduces cloudiness, impurities and chlorine residues. Easy installation: ✔ This is how quickly you can enjoy fresh filtered water at any time in five simple steps: ✔ Step 1: Connect the hoses to the cold water connection. ✔ Step 2: Attach the cartridge holder under the sink. ✔ Step 3: Screw the filter cartridge into the holder. Areas of application: Coffee and espresso machines, dishwashers, hot and cold drinks machines as well as combination steamers and ovens. Pressure loss/flow rate: A very small loss of max. 10% compared to the water inlet. Scope of delivery: AORA limescale filter 6000 including 8-stage bypass filter head + connection set

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