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  • All-in-one: it is a bagless vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, steam cleaner, water vacuum cleaner, ironing station, air purifier and humidifier
  • It saves you: drying, scrubbing, wiping, sweeping, gloves, buckets of water, dirty cleaning cloths and cleaning products.
  • Highly effective cleaning: eliminates stubborn dirt, household bacteria and filters the air thanks to the HEPA filter
  • Easy to use: With many functions and capabilities that make cleaning much easier, faster and more convenient.

Basic SET: device, hose, 2 pipes, universal floor nozzle, carpet and hard floor inserts, bottle, window glass wiper with rubber lip inserts and hair brush, high-pressure nozzle, transparent nozzle, nozzle brush with nylon bristles, wrench tank + metal basket, cleaning agent (defoamed), Seal SET

  • USEP0002 scaled

    bottle l. 1.2

  • YFL62100 scaled

    Fless.asp+vap with trigger l.2.2 mt

  • UTRN0000 1 scaled

    2 extension tubes

  • YSPN0000 scaled

    Multi-purpose brush

  • YSPN0001 scaled

    Frame with rubber shear

  • USPN0001 scaled

    Carpet protection for multi-purpose brushes

  • YPUN1000 scaled

    Steam glass cleaner

  • YBON1002 scaled

    Black English mouth + rubber

  • YLAN3004 scaled

    Carrier spear+spear

  • ULAN0002 scaled

    Straight spear

  • UBON0000 scaled

    Passepartout crack opening

  • UBON0001 scaled

    Suction nozzle curve

  • USPN3008

    Toothbrush d.40 bristles polyester

  • USPN0009 scaled

    Only suction brush set. b1-1

  • transparent nozzle

    v-transparent nozzle

  • YSPN0003 scaled

    Triangular brush

  • UPN60000 scaled

    Triangular brush sock

  • USPN0047 scaled

    Toothbrush for heat. black mod.da

  • USPN0049 scaled

    Joint brush d.35 black in horsehair

  • YSPN0004 scaled

    Frame setol.poliest.x spazz.triang

  • UPN60012 scaled

    Rectangular cloth. white microfib.

  • USPN3005

    Toothbrush d.65 bristles polyester

  • USPN3001

    Toothbrush d.28 polyester bristles

  • USPN3002

    Toothbrush d.28 brass bristles

  • Triangular square

    Triangular bristle brush made of polyester

  • UPFZ0002

    Perfume balsamic essences


  • SUCTION 1200 W

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