Activator Direct Flow Molekularfiltration

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Activator Direct Flow Molekularfiltration Wasser Michel

BIO energetically activated water module on a quantum physical level

Our Activator Water Michel is a completely new physical process for energizing pure water with a unique meandering water flow, special wavelengths and frequencies, geometric shape radiation, various high-quality organic and inorganic material arrangements. The water regains its natural properties and has an invigorating and vitalizing effect on the body. This makes the activator the perfect addition to your water Michel molecular filter system.


  • Water energization modeled on nature
  • Micro-turbulence according to Viktor Schauberger
  • Orgone accumulators according to Dr. Wilhelm Reich
  • Energy coil according to Georges Lakhovsky
  • Water quality is crucial. Animals prefer vital and pure water, plants show a significantly positive change in growth behavior

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