1-way faucet stainless steel water michel tornado

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Wassermicheltornado one-way faucet stainless steel with water swirler for reverse osmosis and water filter The power of the water vortex: Water can absorb, transmit and transmit information from various sources. Since the information stored in water has subtle effects on people, animals and plants, it can be understood why it makes sense not only to purify drinking water thoroughly, but also informally. Turbulence cancels harmful frequencies. In contrast to nature, our tap drinking water is mainly stale water. It is under high pressure in the pipeline for a long time. Due to the pipeline pressure, 80 meters in the pipeline is enough to largely disrupt the water's own movement. Movement is particularly important for water because it reacts particularly sensitively to external influences. Vortex technology is the most effective way to delete information about pollutants in water. It takes advantage of water's eternal ability to change its structure. Due to the strong eddy current in the water vortex, the molecular structure containing harmful information is destroyed by the vortex movement and reconstructed in a natural pattern. The idea here is not to overlay or replace the information stored in the water, but rather to release the water and return it to its original state. Advantages: 
  • easy replacement
  • 360° swivel spout
  • 3/8″ male adapter and ¼“ Quick Connect hose connection adapter
  • Suitable for all osmosis systems and water filters
Technical specifications:
  • Dimensions: See technical drawing.
  • Material: solid stainless steel
  • Color: brushed stainless steel
Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x Water michel tornado One-way stainless steel tap with water swirler for reverse osmosis and water filter

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