Sustainable cleaning products without labeling requirements

Our cleaners are water-based and free of chemical additives. Instead, we rely on natural ingredients that are completely safe for young and old as well as your pets. The environment will also thank you, because all DRUFF products are 100% biodegradable.

Contains natural microbes with dual action

High cleaning performance, neutralization of unpleasant odors – two aspects that our DRUFF cleaners effortlessly combine. This is possible thanks to small microorganisms called microbes. They metabolize the dirt particles and thus also the odors that accompany pollution. The latter are not covered up, but rather reliably neutralized. The result: surfaces, textiles and floors like new.

Minimizes plastic consumption by 80%

With our DRUFF concentrate you can do the most environmentally friendly form of cleaning. A 500 ml bottle makes 5 liters of cleaning product. With each use of the concentrate you save four plastic bottles of conventional cleaning products. In this way, you actively contribute to minimizing non-degradable microplastics in nature and the world's oceans.

Saves space, time and money

Toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, grease remover – with the DRUFF cleaner you get all of this in one highly effective product. Converted per liter, this is cheaper than buying conventional cleaning products. You also need less storage space in your cleaning cupboard. Last but not least, cleaning your private or commercial rooms is quicker: spray on, let it take effect - done!

Suitable for every area of ​​application

Use our DRUFF cleaner according to your individual needs. It is suitable for cleaning toilets, work surfaces, kitchen floors and dining tables. It also removes dirt and odors from the interior and exterior of your car. Use the practical spray bottle to moisten shoes, sports bags and clothing with the environmentally friendly solution. The next morning they smell fresh and clean again.

Protects surfaces, skin and respiratory tract

Say goodbye to strenuous scrubbing, allergens and harmful fumes. Our sustainable cleaner cleans as if by itself. There are around 80 million microbes in one milliliter of the concentrate. The amount doubles every 20 minutes and so does its cleaning performance. This makes the concentrate a powerful but gentle cleaning solution for laminate, marble and all other common surfaces.

Pampers the nose with a pleasant scent

Our DRUFF cleaners are available in two exquisite scents: sandalwood and aloe vera mint. The natural aroma is a treat for your nose. Warm, woody sandalwood adds an elegant yet subtle touch to the area being cleaned. Aloe vera mint, on the other hand, is fresh and invigorating - ideal for the bathroom, the fitness area or the kitchen.

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