Wie arbeiten Mikroben? - Selwie Shop

The vegan all-purpose cleaner from DRUFF® contains specially bred microbes. They lie dormant in the nutritional supplement at the bottom of the bottle (you can tell by the whitish heel in the bottom of the bottle). There they are in a deep sleep and have to be woken up first.

The microorganisms penetrate deep into the contaminated material (whether smooth or absorbent surfaces) and decompose the particles responsible for the bad smell. Since they work exclusively with oxygen, no smelly waste products are produced. The stronger the contamination, the longer the exposure time. The microbes work for you, all you have to do is wipe away.

Lakes, oceans and modern sewage treatment plants use microbes to purify water. Cheese or yoghurt, for example, are made using microbes. Nature also cleans itself with the help of microorganisms. Microorganisms are considered the smallest living organisms that can be visualized microscopically. They are also called microbes. They include bacteria, algae, fungi, yeast and protozoa.

They do what they would do in natural waters: they “eat” the organic ingredients and remove carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. They separate 97 percent of all impurities without any chemicals.

The DRUFF® all-purpose cleaner combats unpleasant odors by attacking and breaking down the organic source of the odor. The organic residues are broken down and a self-cleaning process, known as biocatalysis, is initiated. Once the cause of the odor is eliminated by the DRUFF® microbes, the unpleasant smell automatically disappears.

You too can use the power of nature, clean your home and enjoy the great smell of our DRUFF® cleaners. Just decide whether it is sandalwood or aloe vera mint.

Please use the spray mixture within a month, because in combination with water the DRUFF® microorganisms can work for you for about a month. The pure concentrate, on the other hand, lasts a very long time (18 months).